TMS - Teaching Management System
  TMS - Overview

Teaching Management System Portal is a collection of tools required to help manage requirements for establishing end-to-end teaching services.

1. Teaching Section is all about functionality required to manage primary entities: Courses, Students, Lecturers (Teachers)... Organising resources around teaching requires defining relations between primary entities as well as resources scheduling (link to Rooms and Equipment Booking). In the next step of development it would be possible to introduce Capacity Planning and Scheduling as more comprehensive tool for managing teaching resources.

2. Marketing section will cover all activities related to the creating and managing of campaigns and other marketing activities designed to attract students.

3. All contact management requirements are centralised in the Contact section and shared with the rest of the CRM system.
4. The Back Office section contains all the "processing" functional blocks. In particular, the CRM Ticket section is an essential tool for Task Management, work-flow management and reporting. The CRM Ticket acts as an intermediary or "glue" for all other portal functions eg. Follow-up Marketing, expression of interest web pages, telephone enquiries, walk-up enquires to the Schools reception, refunds, corporate purchase and invoices, customer cancellations, alerts for slow selling courses, telemarketing activities etc. CRM Ticketing is also valuable tool to enforce processes and procedures and assist with managing internal users communication.

5. The Reporting section is made as a separate section and it represents the "single source of truth" for all the activities across the CRM. This section can have all the functions required for Records Management, Knowledge management, Documents Management and other similar requirements.

6. The Admin section is predominantly used for Application Portal Framework management, for managing common system attributes and direct link to the Support System.

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